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Faroe Fish Dinner


“Heimablídni” is “Home Hospitality”

A Faroese Family Home Serving A Faroese Dinner

The Faroe Islands locals are known for their Heimablidni which translates to home hospitality. So we wish to invite travellers to enjoy an authentic intimate Faroese dining experience and meal within our home.

It is a traditional meal that has been served for decades with fresh ingredients from the Faroe Islands nature.


  • Pan Fried Fish
  • Cooked Potatoes
  • Garlic Oil
  • Salad

Followed by Tea and Coffee with cake or fruit

Price 695 ddk per person for a 2 hour experience

We only take groups. Minimum 6 and maximum 20 people

About Us

My name is Selma and my husband’s name is Tórður. We both are Faroese born and live on the island Vagar, which is 5 minutes to the only airport in the Faroe Islands. For a living, I am preschool teacher and Tórður is a sailor/fisherman. Together we have four loving children, who have all grown up here in the Faroe Islands. On our spare time, you will find us at our favourite fishing spots to catch the fish that we will later enjoy as a family. Almost once a week I have served this traditional Faroese fish meal at our dinning for more than 30 years now. We are proud to be able to catch and share the fish that comes from the ocean as people of the Faroe Islands have always lived off of what nature provides us.

We hope to share the Faroese Heimablidni with you!

Get in Touch


Phone : 00298 213424

Hours: Monday to Saturday 17.00-20.00

To book please contact with a minimal of 12 hours prior to desired date

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